Roofing & Slating

We use traditional practices with a modern skilled approach, alongside quality sourced materials to repair and create various roof styles and designs.

Roof trusses light golden in colour

Roofing & Trusses

With knowledge of traditional roofing we can design and make a roof for your period property that maintains the existing construction. Our timber is sourced from sustainable local Douglas Fir or oak, which we use for our queen and king post trusses (the trusses are on view in the finished ceiling). These can be made to over 30 feet with traditional steelwork tying it together, or if you prefer, we can supply green or air dried beams to your exact requirements.

Close up of grey roof tiles on a roof


Using best quality reclaimed slate, which is all hand graded and fitted with Code 5 lead flashings, we specialize in restoring roofs to their former glory. Slate can be supplied or sourced and delivered to site.

close up of Scottish slate

Scots Slate

With a stock of Foudland, Argyll and Ballachulish slate, we can cater for most of the Scots slate roofs in the north east of Scotland area. We can also source Easdale and Highland Boundary slate.

close up of Welsh slate

Welsh Slate

Sourced in North Wales, this was the main slate used in the north east of Scotland after the railways were built. With its unsurpassed quality, it has been shipped for use throughout the world for over 400 years. We have both reclaimed and new slate from Penryhn quarries.

Slating and Lead Work

We use lead on our roofs for sealing valleys, corners and niches. Not only is lead excellent at sealing due to its flexibility and therefore snug fit, but it is known for its longevity and corrosion resistance, meaning higher durability and less maintenance over time.

Cast Iron Guttering

We supply and fit cast iron as our material of choice for rainwater guttering. With a lifespan that stretches into the centuries, it is perfect for remaining loyal to the period style of listed buildings and can maintained with a quick coat of paint to restore its look.

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